Tuesday, November 15, 2016


The husband's job is going well. There's not much to report, really. His employer still pitches 5% of his salary into his "pension" (it's a defined-contribution plan), and we put in 3%. We are still working on maxing out his 457 plan. Next year we will do the pension, 457, and 403b. We can't do the 403b this year because we have already filled the TSP. Anyway, now that the election is behind us, the stock market has turned around a bit, and our balances are increasing again.

The husband still has not gotten his disability determination from the VA. We expect it will be at least several more weeks. Our local facility takes on average, 135 days to make a final determination, and so far, it has been only two months. So we wait! And wait, and wait some more.

Thanksgiving is coming up next week. We'll be driving to my in-law's house which is just a few hours from here. My family situation is at best, "complicated," so fortunately, (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) we won't be traveling to them over the holidays.

Our overall net worth was down at the end of October, but I think November may show a small increase, which would be great. It helps keep us motivated. We've had a lot of expenses with regard to getting the house fixed up, so we aren't saving as much as we usual right now.

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