Sunday, September 4, 2016

We've moved!

We're in Florida now, and life is going great. The husband's job is fairly low-stress, and isn't overly time consuming.

On the financial front, things are doing OK too. As a government employee, the husband now has access to a 403b, and a 457 plan, in addition to a separate retirement system the government contributes to. He also has access to an HSA, but due to some prescription medications he takes, we are not using a HDHP right now, and are going the traditional health insurance route.

We are trying to separate our life from the military as much as possible, but it hasn't happened quite yet. The husband has submitted his disability claim to the VA, and we are waiting to see what percentage he is awarded. From what I can tell, the amount will be between $100-$3,000/month. It's a big difference. I have no idea how long it will be before we hear anything, but I'm going to count myself lucky if we get anything from them at all before Thanksgiving.
I managed to get the TSP maxed for the year. Yay! But, now that the new job has started, we are trying to squeeze in another $18,000 of savings for the year. The 457 plan is great for early retirees as there are no early withdrawal penalties. We can take the money out as we need it. 

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