Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dealing with Property Management Companies

Once we got back to the US we needed to find a place to live. Our household goods weren't scheduled to arrive for about 2 months, and there weren't any desirable openings in military housing. Most people usually choose to camp out on the floor with an air mattress, but--UGH! 2 Months of sleeping on an air mattress? PASS! I was lucky enough to find us a short-term furnished apartment a few miles away from the installation. We did a month to month lease so we could move into military housing once something came available. Well, we ended up being in the apartment for about 2 months. On move out day I went to the property management company and asked them to do the inspection with me present. It went great. They said I would receive my deposit back.

As many military members have come to expect, I did not get my full deposit check back in the mail. They didn't deduct anything for damages, but they deducted $90 for "cleaning fees." I knew there was absolutely no way they did any cleaning on that apartment. It was pristine when I left it. I was so mad it felt like there was fire coming out of my ears. I couldn't decide whether to just let it go or to fight it. After a few days I decided to ask for the refund with the expectation I would get nothing. I sent them an email and played it out like there had been some mistake--giving them an easy out, and presented a list of all items that I had cleaned (cabinets, refrigerator, stove, etc). This afternoon my husband got a call that they were sending a check for $90 and had "hit the wrong button" when putting in the charges. Riiiiight....But, it sounds like we're getting our money back! Woohoo!

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