Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Job Search & Applications

The Husband has been busy sending out job applications for next year. As I may have mentioned before, he is planning to transition out of the military and back to his civilian career. Fortunately, the application/hiring timeline for his civilian career matches up with his contract ending. Applications/interviews are typically done in November and December with hiring usually taking place in February (or later).

It's been interesting looking at various positions and where we might want to live. The Husband is originally from Florida, and it's certainly at the top of our list. Florida has reasonable real estate prices, no state income tax, good climate, and is near his family (Hello, free babysitter!). But, there are other good options, and we're fairly open to most situations. So far he's applied for positions in Maine, Virginia, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, and several others scattered all across the country to Hawaii.

I don't think the Husband will have a difficult time finding a job, but the possibility is in the back of my mind. If 6 months from now he has nothing in hand, I will start looking for a position. I used to work in accounting, and I have an inactive CPA license in another state, which I would reactivate. I suspect it's probably considerably easier for me to find a position than it is for him, but we shall see. It's been pretty fun considering all of the possibilities!

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