Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Made a new friend!

Yesterday, the Little Bugger and I were at a large playgroup, and a dad (Stay-at-home dads are rare in the military), introduces himself to me and starts talking about how he left the military and replaced his income with his investments. Now, this is a pretty odd topic of conversation for someone you just met, especially in the military where everyone is beyond broke, but not surprisingly, we hit it off great and got our kids together to play today. He has a 1 year old, just a month older than the Little Bugger, and a newborn. I'm really looking forward to getting our kids together again. We had actual adult conversation, and talked about our favorite investments, our favorite blogs (Mr. Money Mustache!) and what our goals are for early retirement. He and his wife are a little older than us, so they are a little further along in their journey, but we will have a lot to talk about when the 4 of us, plus the kids get together. We talked about setting up a barbeque for next weekend, although we don't have any firm plans.

I'm eager for November to arrive, so I can tally up October to see how we did this month. Since we've arrived here at our new duty station, we've had to replace some foods--condiments and such, which has been driving up our food costs. I don't think our food spending has been super low, but I also don't think it has been terrible.

We're not exactly working towards anything specific the rest of the year, as the IRAs are maxed, and the TSP is nearly there. If any cash is left over it will be saved for our possible transition out of the military in 2016.

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